Jonas Saul offers two kinds of edits on a freelance basis.

Proofread/Copy Edit
This is a line-by-line examination of grammar, punctuation, as well as other minor issues manuscripts may have. Jonas will scour the manuscript and produce a report on what is working well for the manuscript and what needs further attention. He does all changes and corrections in a Word doc using track changes.

Developmental Edit
Jonas will read the manuscript and monitor tension, pace, and story structure, then monitor how that all relates to emotional stakes, which is the true source of reader interest. Once the novel is returned to the author, they work together to bring the client's manuscript to a place where it has the best chance to find its readership. Ultimately, it will be like attending a manuscript masterclass, which is something Jonas does routinely at writer's conferences.


Copy Edit

Developmental Edit

All prices in USD
per 1000 words